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Igår och idag har vi haft …

och kommer ha en liten kort paus här på vår sida. Vi är åter vid lunchtid imorgon den 30 september. Då kommer vi starta vårt nya onsdagstema, det är boende i alperna, fjällen och Klippiga bergen.

Välkommen tillbaks!!

Idag presenterar vi en spännande nyhet från New Jersey, USA

Pressrelease from Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa

Patti and I have decided to move from New Jersey when this crisis is over. We chose between a horse farm at Irland or a horse farm outside Stockholm in Sweden.

We will be a part of our daugther Jessica’s dream of having a big horse farm in Europe. Her boyfriend is from Italy and we want to be close to them. Our two lovely sons, Evan and Sam, will come over and visiting us as often as they can,

Bruce’s only condition is that the farm has a big room for his own studio. He is also looking forward to be closer to his european fans.

About a upcoming new tour he says that everything is so unsure now… we will see what happens next year.

Patti is looking forward to taking care of the horses together with Jessica. But my daughter is a tough boss. But i know how to handle a BOSS.

Jessica says that this is good news for my big goal to take part in next year’s olympics in Tokyo.

Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa
Colt neck, Nj 2020-04-01